March Amazon Prime favorites, best Amazon finds in fashion and beauty

This weekend I am taking it easy and staying in Philadelphia. My only major plans include visiting the spa at the new Four Seasons in Philly on Friday morning (it looks so gorgeous, I cannot wait to share it!), and then potentially brunch with my girlfriends on Sunday. Other than that, I am staying put and taking caution with all of the coronavirus chaos that’s going on right now.

Johnny and I were actually planning on heading to Cancun, Mexico at the end of this month, but our plans are now up in the air. I’m usually not one to be worried about getting sick. But if there are any travel bans or restrictions then we will most likely have to cancel the trip. Of course it’s just one little trip in the scheme of everything else that’s going on. So I’m very thankful for our current health and thinking of everyone who this may be affecting.

March Amazon Picks

Now onto a much lighter and more frivolous topic. As you know that I try to keep things as upbeat and cheery around here as possible! For the past few months I’ve been sharing my top Amazon picks that center around a certain theme (like my top Amazon beauty productsfavorite Amazon items of 2019, and top rated Amazon organizational items), but this month I decided to round up my general favorites and recent purchases.

There are 25 really good finds below—enjoy! xx

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