Life Lately A Year into Blogging Full Time
Life Lately A Year into Blogging Full Time
Life Lately A Year into Blogging Full Time
Life Lately A Year into Blogging Full Time
Life Lately A Year into Blogging Full Time

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Outfit Details: dress: Needle and Thread // shoes: Red Dress Boutique c/o // earrings: Stephie Chic c/o // office details: linked here!

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My ‘Life Lately’ posts entail a life update, as well as my recent blog posts, purchases, and Amazon finds. Half real life, half shopping. Sounds like the ideal formula for my favorite type of blog post. 😊 I hope you enjoy them as much as I love putting them together for you! 


This week I am celebrating one year of working for myself full-time! When I announced that I was leaving my role at Lilly Pulitzer last year, and making my blog my main job and source of income, I was full of butterflies-in-my-stomach nerves and excitement. It was something I had worked towards for seven years, and when it finally all set into motion and was happening, I felt so thankful and encouraged to make it work. 

The verdict one year later? It’s been better than I even imagined. I still cannot believe I get to do this every single day, and pave out my content, schedule, and overall life. It’s wild to see the ways God has exceeded my expectations with my plans for this business and community. I’ve gone into it with the intention to inspire big dreams and a positive outlook in anyone who comes across this blog, and in turn I’ve learned to do just that myself. 

I talked about this more in my look back on 2020, but since I started this full-time last April (about two months into Covid), I’ve only known what it’s like to work full-time for myself during a pandemic. I had to learn (quickly!) how to navigate an unbelievably uncertain time and try to both maintain and grow a business under complete unknowns. My heart is constantly with small-business owners who have endured the same this year, but many with much more responsibility than I have had. 

BUT, at the same time this past year has been a crash course in how to manifest my goals into coming true, how to put all my faith into the idea that everything will work out the way that it’s supposed to (even if it’s not according to MY plan), and constantly strive for a healthier balance of work/rest. 

Now, even though I’ve worked for myself full-time for a year, and have been blogging for the past eight years, it kind of feels like in a way I’m just starting out. There’s so much in store and yet to come, that will ideally fill some gaps in content that you’ve been asking me about, and make it much easier for you to keep up with all things I’m sharing. I’ve done a LOT of growing up this past year, both professionally and personally, and am excited to make a few updates around here to reflect that. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reaching out over a DM or email, sending a post of mine to a friend, shopping through my links, and overall just being part of this girl’s dream come true. There’s never the right time to do what you’ve always wanted to do, but making that jump and then believing that it will work (whatever it may be!) can very well be your reality too. xx

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