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Wedding Update #5: Q&A

Answering a number of your most pressing wedding questions, and sharing more of where we are in the planning process!

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Amy Liittleson wedding update
Amy Liittleson wedding update
Amy Liittleson wedding update
Amy Liittleson wedding update
photography by the unbelievable Daria of @verolastudio!

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Outfit Details: dress: Revolve {similar here} // headband: Zara {from two years ago, similar here} // earrings: Amazon // bracelets: Annabelle’s Collection // later on my mom gave me these heels to wear too!

Half Way There

We are about halfway through our engagement and ah IT’S ALL HAPPENING. I thought this was the perfect time to do a little check in and answer a few questions I’ve been receiving in my question boxes on Instagram and my DMs.

But first I want to say how appreciative we are of you all sharing such enthusiasm and support for our engagement and wedding. It’s been a dream of mine to share this whole planning process (both the sparkly and challenging details that go into it), so knowing that you’ve enjoyed reading and watching it all has made me overjoyed.

Right now we are working on sending out the save the dates (this week!!), choosing elements of the decor and tablescapes, thinking about how we want to format our wedding ceremony, and researching/booking our honeymoon. It’s fun to have gotten to the more “fun” part of wedding planning. 😊

And ah! We’ve also been doing the last-minute planning for the Bachelorette… which is only a few weeks away and coming up SO quickly. Johnny and I both decided to have our Bachelorette/Bachelor parties about halfway through our engagement to help space things out since both our Bach trips and wedding will require flights and potential time off. Also like we couldn’t wait any longer to do them 😂.

I’ve written a lot more about both the wedding and bachelorette planning progress in the ‘Wedding’ section of my site— or listed at the end of this post! But the questions below cover a ton of aspects I haven’t shared or elaborated on yet. Enjoy and keep them coming please!!

Recent Wedding Questions

Did you have any suspicion it was coming? How did you turn a blind eye to any clues?

I knew it was going to come sometime in 2021 since we had talked about that being a good timeline. However, I really thought it was going to be while we both were in New York City, because I had accidentally seen a note on my sister’s phone that listed out our friends who live in NYC, so I assumed that meant we were getting engaged in the city and they would be there afterwards?! I also didn’t think it was going to be during Thanksgiving in Vero Beach, FL because I knew Johnny’s older brother wasn’t going to be there then, and Johnny wouldn’t propose without having his whole family there to celebrate afterwards… turns out that his brother actually secretly flew in to be there and the list on my sister’s phone were our friends to invite to our engagement party a few weeks after we got engaged. 😉 So yes I was shocked.

And if you’re wondering why I’m all dolled up and wearing white… we were going to be taking our Christmas cards on the beach that night (lies!) and we usually wear white for the photo (we wore white in the year before too). So that’s why I thought I was getting dressed up and heading to the beach in Vero Beach. Brilliant by my family’s part! Lots more about the story in-depth here.

Where’s the best place to start with planning?

I would start broad with the time of year you want to get married, or the venue(s) if you have a specific place in mind. Then I’d work backwards from there and tackle the biggest ticket items and factors after that– like the date, the planner, the music you want, the photographer, and so on. A good rule of thumb is to start with the vendors that can only book and do one wedding per day/weekend. Our planner Anna Caroline Weddings has us using an online program called Aisle Planner that has a virtual checklist/timeline that’s been unbelievably helpful in keeping us on track with what to prioritize and when.

Wedding color themes you love?

Love this question! I am seeing yellow and blue more and more and think that’s the happiest color combo. Of course you can never go wrong with a blue + green + white combination as well– I think that’s so classic. But there’s just something about pink and green that is fresh, feminine, and forever a favorite. 😉

Can you share any sneak peaks of anything you’ve decided on?!

Hmm… yes! I just decided that I want to wear this dress when I get ready the day of. It recently came in and truly couldn’t be more ethereal and beautiful in person.

What song is on your must-play wedding reception playlist?

Ah this is so fun to think about! I think that any classic sing/dance-alongs will be the general tone of what we ask our band to play. We’d much rather have oldies than newer music. 😂 My favorite song to dance to at weddings is “Shout” (is that polarizing?!) and also anything ABBA… Johnny just told me that his is “Sweet Caroline”– another crowd favorite.

When exactly are you getting married?

We’re about half way through our engagement… you can do the math from there. 😂 I will be sure to let you know the week of, and I’ll be inviting you all to watch it on Instagram in real time then!

Mother of the brides/father of the bride gift ideas?

Oh wow I’m not sure how I could ever properly thank them for all they’ve done for my relationship with Johnny and the wedding… I’m definitely going to start with writing them letters to read on the wedding day, and will try to find gifts that are sentimental and that they can keep forever. Johnny got my engagement ring from Croghan’s in Charleston, which has the most special pieces, so I may start there. I’ll keep you updated here as I figure this one out– open to any and all suggestions!

What’s your honeymoon location?

We’re planning on the Maldives with maybe a layover in Dubai?! We know the resort in the Maldives where we want to stay but now need to book our honeymoon flights and figure out the (extensive and long) logistics there lol.

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