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3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment

I recently got the itch to freshen things up in our NYC apartment and do a bit of rearranging for the spring and summer months ahead-- sharing the before/afters & linking everything in this post!

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Spruce Up Your Space…

We have officially been in our New York City apartment for six months and though it’s my favorite little space in the whole world, I recently had this recurring feeling that I wanted to freshen things up a bit and do some rearranging for the spring and summer months ahead. 

I ended up targeting three specific areas– the entrance, coffee table, and side table next to our sectional. You can see a realistic before/after of the spaces in the above Instagram reel, and I included the links to everything I could find online underneath the below images. For any additional items you may see, be sure to pop over to our dining area tour and living room tour blog posts!

Here’s to using what you have, adding in a few new items as needed, and revamping spaces so that they feel happy and fresh. I always say that your home/apartment should be a direct reflection of your personality and self, which is always changing in its own way, so why not continuously update it to make it the best it can be?! xx

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment
3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment

gold bamboo table // top frame // top print {sold out, similar here} // bottom frame // flower vases // pedestal stand {a vintage find!} // similar cane basket 

As our entrance is the first area you see when you enter our apartment, I wanted to de-clutter the space and add a few fresh blooms (peonies of course, since they’re in season!) in these sweet little vases. I removed some of our excess masks (while still keeping a few there that we can grab on our way out the door!), switched my winter shoes out for more summery ones, and added a basket underneath to hold our less-presentable shoes, like sneakers! I attempted to remove Johnny’s swimming goggles as well, but I’m pretty sure they’ve already found their way back onto the table…

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment
3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment

sectional c/o {4 seats w 6 deep sides in ‘vintage blue chenille’ // similar coffee table // green & white pillow // printed pillow // scalloped tray {the large size} // similar palm planner // ‘Island Hopping’ book // ‘Slim Aarons Women’ book // coasters // candle

For this area, I did quite the opposite of the first and added in some extra accessories! I removed the large raffia tray (I felt like it was too heavy for the top of the coffee table for spring) and put it on the bottom layer. Then I built a new vignette around the gorgeous kelly green scalloped tray (which you can also monogram!), and added a few more coastal/summery coasters, books, and a new hexagonal candle to provide a contrasting shape to the scallops. Oh, and I also made sure my ‘Citrus Garden’ pillows were on the couch, to play off the green of the tray. It’s much more interesting than the previous set up!

3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment
3 Ways to Freshen Up Your Apartment

side table // faux orchid // pagoda lantern // coasters // green & white pillow // gallery wall details

My last mini redo was particularly easy because I swapped out a massive dead orchid (RIP) for a perky faux orchid instead (one that I know I can’t kill and will survive any long weekends we spend away from the apartment this summer). I featured this orchid in my April Amazon Prime Picks, because it’s a stunning artificial plant that’s a sharp price point at only $88 (I’ve seen fake orchids that can be hundreds of dollars!). Lastly, to make this table a little more lively, I added in a few beachy coasters for someone to place their drink, and a mini pagoda that plays off the white of the orchid nicely!

photography by @katemcreynoldsblog

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