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Allll of my past dorm room and small living space tips and blog posts in one place!

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It’s back-to-college season which is making me all kinds of nostalgic for my years at the University of Richmond! If you are a college student (or know one), take a moment to read my Letter to the College Undergrad, which covers my thoughts and learnings from my time as an undergrad.

I have written a number of college blog posts over the years, largely because I started this blog when I was a freshman in college in 2013, and blogged a lot about one of my favorite topics to share: dorm room decorating. 😉

I loooved planning, shopping for, and then setting up my dorm rooms each year (along with my family’s man power and dedication to the cause 😂), and we picked up a few tips as we did them again and again. You’ll find all of those in the below blog posts, which I wrote throughout college and then when I moved into an apartment senior year and thereafter. Many of the tips and purchases can apply to any small space, so they’re worth looking through even if you aren’t moving into a dorm room.

Click through the below posts at your leisure– I hope they spark some inspiration, ideas, and help kick off an incredible start to your college year! xx

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